Women’s Support Service

The responsibilities of the Women’s Support Service are:

  • be a locus of attention and referrals to women victims of violence within UFSC;
  • welcome and provide support to women members of the university community who are victims of violence;
  • provide assistance and guidance on various forms of harassment, as well as disseminate routing possibilities;
  • guide the assisted women by forwarding their demands to the Coordination Office of Sexual Diversity and Confronting Gender-based Violence;
  • seek partnerships to ensure psychological, social and legal support for the assisted women, victims of violence within UFSC;
  • create a database on the levels of violence, of varied nature, suffered by women within UFSC;
  • establish partnerships with the existing entities in the cities where UFSC operates, in order to meet the needs of women victims of violence, forming support networks and individually routing them to existing services in the cities where UFSC has academic units;
  • disseminate widely the women’s assistance service within UFSC;
  • offer guidance to student mothers about their rights as university students, as well as information on financial support opportunities;
  • identify the specific demands of the student mothers in order to subsidize actions the university may take to guarantee their graduation;
  • pursue the creation of a room for breastfeeding support, dedicated to students, faculty and staff in all teaching units of UFSC.