Educational Accessibility Coordination Office (CAE)

The Educational Accessibility Coordination Office (CAE) acts at the basic, undergraduate and graduate education levels at UFSC. It seeks to ensure the rights of people with disabilities to equal opportunities, allowing for their personal autonomy and access to knowledge.

The responsibilities of CAE are:

  • develop and execute accessibility and inclusion actions for students with disabilities at UFSC;
  • promote equal conditions of access to knowledge for students with disabilities;
  • propose actions for the removal of barriers related to programmatic, pedagogical, communication and attitudinal accessibility at the university;
  • support the different university units in order to improve the full participation of people with disabilities;
  • mediate in the provision of assistive technology and alternative communication for students that need such resources;
  • be a reference in educational accessibility for the different academic units and schools at UFSC;
  • create partnerships with different representative bodies of people with disabilities in Santa Catarina and other states, aiming at sharing knowledge and other forms of academic exchange;
  • contribute to the institutional processes involving the admission of people with disabilities, including the university entrance examination (vestibular), staff recruitment processes and other selection processes;
  • prepare, together with the university community, the institutional accessibility policy for people with disabilites.

Coordinator: Bianca Costa Silva de Souza