Race and Ethnic Relations Coordination Office (COEMA)

The Race and Ethnic Relations Coordination Office (COEMA) aims at assisting the Prorectorate for Affirmative Action and Equity (PROAFE) on issues concerning affirmative action for black, indigenous and quilombola students, with strategies for the reception and inclusion of these students in the university’s teaching, research and outreach activities. COEMA also seeks to promote the visibility and recognition of Indigenous, African and Afro-Brazilian cultural heritage.

The main responsibilities of the Race and Ethnic Relations Coordination Office are:

  • assist the Director of Affirmative Action and Equity in the establishment of actions for combating racial/ethnic inequalities among UFSC students across all university campuses;
  • articulate institutional anti-racism actions at the university;
  • contribute to promoting the visibility of racial/ethnic diversities;
  • promote a permanent dialogue with students and social movements;
  • monitor the student retention policies for indigenous, quilombola and black students, together with the other UFSC units.

Coordinator: Iclicia Viana

E-mail: coema.proafe@contato.ufsc.br

Website: coema-saad.ufsc.br