Photo by Henrique Almeida – UFSC Communication Agency (AGECOM)

The Prorectorate for Affirmative Action and Equity (PROAFE) is a central executive body of  Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina. It aims to assist the Rector in proposing, implementing, consolidating and monitoring policies related to affirmative action and diversity within UFSC, contributing to the realization and strengthening of the university’s social role.

The responsibilities of the Prorectorate for Affirmative Action and Equity are:

  • propose, monitor, evaluate and implement policies concerning affirmative action and appreciation of diversities in the University, with regard to basic education, undergraduate and graduate studies, research, outreach, staff hiring and institutional management, acting according with its competences;
  • promote the articulation and intersection of policies concerning affirmative action and diversity within UFSC management departments;
  • propose guidelines that allow for the intersection of issues related to diversities, including gender, racial/ethnic and socioeconomic diversity, and of accessibility to people with disabilities, at all levels of UFSC, promoting a positive discrimination in teaching, research, outreach and management;
  • participate in the discussion and definition of all actions pertaining to affirmative action and diversity policies, to be settled by the deliberative bodies of the University and ensuring compliance with the relevant standards;
  • propose to the competent authority the signing of agreements with other bodies, when related to its field of action, followed by the monitoring of such agreements;
  • promote, support and disseminate events of interest to the university community, on topics related to affirmative action and diversity;
  • propose, support and consolidate actions of care and reception of the University community, providing people a healthy, integrated and inclusive coexistence;
  • develop actions for the creation, implementation and monitoring of a culture of respect for differences and appreciation of diversities in the University, aiming to protect the Article 5 of the Brazilian Federal Constitution;
  • provide opportunities for the recognition, appreciation and effective inclusion of the knowledge, techniques and cultural expressions of traditional communities into the academic curriculum;
  • advise the Rector in matters concerning the university’s relations with other institutions within the scope of this office;
  • promote the dissemination of UFSC’s Affirmative Action Policy;
  • give support to students admitted through affirmative action and women students in their course of studies;
  • promote the digital inclusion of UFSC undergraduate students;
  • develop and implement the institutional policy of accessibility and inclusion of students with disabilities and/or special educational needs;
  • perform other activities pertaining to the area or that may be delegated by the Rector.