Projects Support Service

30/03/2017 12:16

The responsibilities of the Projects Support Service are:

  • devise projects directed at developing activities in line with the scope of the Office and aimed at fundraising;
  • propose partnerships and scientific, technical and cultural cooperation agreements between governmental and non-governmental institutions (including companies and funding agencies);
  • promote and support cultural and scientific events befitting its purpose;
  • create suitable conditions for scientific production and research relative to the Office actions.
  • encourage the publication of research results in various events in the area;
  • promote and support the publication and dissemination of scientific output;
  • prepare studies on research techniques, investigation and assessment of affirmative action and diversities;
  • produce detailed reports of the results obtained from research and investigation;
  • create databases of the activities carried out and their results;
  • hold hearings, useful to research in progress at UFSC, in line with the scope of the Office.