Coordination Office of Racial/Ethnic Relations

30/03/2017 11:57

The Coordination Office of Racial/Ethnic Relations (CRER) aims at assisting the Office or Affirmative Action and Diversities on issues concerning affirmative action for black, indigenous and quilombola students, with strategies for the reception and inclusion of these students in the university’s teaching, research and outreach activities. CRER also seeks to promote the visibility and recognition of Indigenous, African and Afro-Brazilian cultural heritage. It acts as a channel of support to students and other university bodies by sharing information for awareness against racism and giving advice in racial hate crime cases.

CRER’s responsibilities are:

  • assist the Director of Affirmative Action in the articulation and intersection of racial/ethnic themes in teaching, research and outreach, as well as within the administrative units of UFSC;
  • propose guidelines that allow the intersection of racial/ethnic themes in the educational projects of UFSC’s programs, in accordance with the Brazilian National Education Law (LDB 9394/96);
  • promote and support the implementation of regular debates about racial/ethnic themes at the university;
  • promote the education of students, faculty and staff about racial/ethnic themes;
  • encourage and create strategies for the recognition, appreciation and effective inclusion of the knowledge, techniques and cultural manifestations that belong to the black, indigenous and quilombola communities supported by this policy, as well as to other segments such as the Romani and refugees;
  • represent SAAD at the Fórum das Licenciaturas (a forum of undergraduate programs focused on teaching);
  • represent SAAD, together with the Prorectorate for Students Affairs (PRAE), in the Programa Institucional de Apoio Pedagógico Estudantil – PIAPE [Institutional Program of Educational Support to Students];
  • promote anti-racism campaigns at UFSC;
  • advise and supervise cases of racial crime;
  • serve as a communication channel between black, indigenous and quilombola students and the other management bodies at UFSC;
  • encourage the implementation of research and outreach projects related to racial/ethnic themes;
  • carry out courses and debates about racial relations for the university community;
  • participate in the institutional evaluation of affirmative action;
  • promote strategies for pedagogical supervision and curriculum adaptation, when necessary, for students with specific educational needs and for indigenous and quilombola students.

Coordinator: Prof. Joana Célia dos Santos