Coordination Office of Actions for Equity

30/03/2017 11:56

The responsibilities of the Coordination Office of Actions for Equity are:

  • secure the acquisition and the preparation of didactic resources to minimize learning barriers of students with specific educational needs;
  • supervise the academic-professional trajectory of graduates through guidance, evaluation, and statistical data collection in order to subside their integration in the vertical process of education as recommended by UFSC;
  • promote the increase in the level of schooling of young people and adults that are in a socioeconomically vulnerable situation, assisting in the successful completion of their studies;
  • provide to the university’s staff the methodologies, tools and techniques used in the process of social inclusion of people with specific needs;
  • discuss,  research and promote educational practices related to sex and gender diversity, confronting sexism, homophobia and all sorts of prejudice;
  • promote and support community preparatory courses for the university entrance examination (vestibular) at the UFSC Campuses, prioritizing the access of students who have completed their primary and secondary education in public institutions;
  • carry out, together with the academic community, events that promote and raise awareness about the Affirmative Action policies;
  • give support for the institutional bodies to work together in the pursuit of a culture of inclusion at UFSC.